Celebrating this International Women's day with theme #choosetochallenge

The women’s heart is child’s schoolroom


Women ‘s day which gives recognition to women who have excelled in their fields encourages every girl not to compromise and always choose to challenge instead of suffering. A beautiful quote by Julies Michelle, ‘How beautifully everything is arranged by Nature; as soon as a child enters the world, it finds a mother ready to take care of it’. Whenever I ask from people that who is the most closest person in your life? The most repeated answer I get is Mother. It’s not much surprising. In every religion, mother’s importance is similar to that of God. It’s often said that if there’s heaven on earth, it’s below mother’s feet. Here, in India, we often worship many Goddesses like Goddess Lakshami, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Durga etc. Do you ever think when someone says mother, why our emotions split out and our heart fills with love? The answer is simple because that person is special, she is one who loves us more than herself. She not only gives birth to us, but also teaches us how to live. She is the one who herself will stay hungry but will try her best to feed us up to the full. Without her, even humanity can’t survive.


Sometimes, I feel proud of being an Indian because I am part of that country who is achieving many milestones, touching the stars and has recently landed on mars. But on the other hand, There’s bitter truth that no one wants to think about because it makes us sad. Just think had Gandhi, Tilak, Bose, Nehru been alive, what would we have answered them? While fighting for freedom, did they visualize India as it is now? Of course not. I don’t want to blame anyone because we all are responsible for our own problems.


Since childhood, girls have to face many taunts and questions which are primarily be like: Don’t wear these clothes, these are not appropriate; Don’t go outside after 8 pm, just stay quiet and sit at home. Society is always like that: Don’t you see the increasing number of rape cases in the city?; Let your brother do it, you are a girl, you’ll not be able to; Don’t study mechanical, it’s only for boys. Don’t go for modelling, girls of good families don’t do that; What? Are you going to post your pictures in bikini on social media? You’ll shame us. Only boys become scientists. It’s of no use to study further because in the end, what you have to do is taking care of kids. Don’t wear these short clothes, Boys will tease you, They will stare at you. Don’t do this, Don’t wear that and what not. My question is why does everyone think that short clothes lead to rape. Recently in my neighborhood, a Muslim lady got raped who was in burkha. Now prove it that short clothes lead to rape. Just a 5 year old girl got raped by her neighbor in her home itself. Now, justify it of we don’t go outside, we are safe. The actual reason is not short clothes or going outside at night but the malicious intentions of some people. If intention is good, then girls are safe alone itself and if intentions are bad, then girls are not safe even in the crowd.


There’s famous quote that “behind every successful man, there’s a woman“. I want to ask why women is behind why not side by side and why not ahead? This society asks many questions from the girls, now let’s change the dais and ask some questions from the society. Why our society doesn’t listen to that innocent girl who is still screaming in the womb and want to see the world and want to make her parents proud? Why our society does not care when a girl wants to study more and want to make our country proud? Why our society does not listen to the screams of the girl when she does not feel safe in daylight? Why our society does not see the pain of a girl whose only fault was saying no she got face burnt due to acid attack? Why our society doesn’t listen to the scream of a girl who is raped every day? Why our society doesn’t see when a girl has to regret standing in the court? Why our society doesn’t listen the voice of girl who got slap on her face when she say something? Why our society does not take care of a girl who is begging for divorce? It’s the old tradition of society to tell us that You are the girl you are the woman so you will be victim but the only thing I want to answer is that earlier I was not strong enough but now don’t you dare to underestimate my power. I will fight for my rights, don’t assume that I am innocent fool because this water has now changed into a burning fire I don’t want to fit in this cage that someone has made for me by patriarchal society I want to break this cage and want to fly. “On this international women’s day which gives recognition to those women personalities who have excelled in their own fields let’s take initiative that we’ll not stay behind.”