“UPSC Jihad” show an attempt to vilify Muslims: Supreme Court on Sudarshan News TV.

    Image Courtesy: India Legal.

    The Union Government on Wednesday informed the Apex Court that a show case notice has been passed that a show-cause notice has been issued upon Sudarshan TV under the Cable TV Network Act for its controversial content on its programme. “Bindas Bol”.

    In the afore mentioned program, they have accused the Muslims of “infiltrating” the Civil Services with the help of funding from terror linked organisations abroad. The name of the topic was “UPSC Jihad”. They claimed to have made “a big expose on conspiracy to infiltrate Muslims in government services”. The term “UPSC Jihad” was reportedly coined by the channel’s head Suresh Chavhanke.

    An affidavit has been filed before the Supreme Court by Sudarshan TV stating that they have no ill-will against any community or any individual, and the programme concerns a matter of national interest. However, they were directed by the court to explain its position clearly. The Supreme Court observed, journalistic freedom is not absolute and thus cannot say, “that Muslims are infiltrating Civil Services”.

    The show was termed “insidious” and “rabid” by the judges, one which cast aspersions on the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) without any factual basis. Putting a temporary stop to the show “Bindas Bol” the Court observes, “You cannot target one community and brand them in a particular manner”. The court has asked the Centre to file a report on its decision on the channel. The channel shall have to respond to the issue by September 28. The matter shall be heard again on October 5.