Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking life term jail as penalty in cases of corruption

    The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a plea seeking a direction to the Centre to ascertain the feasibility of confiscating cent percent black money, benami properties and disproportionate assets and awarding life-long imprisonment for offences relating to bribery, black money, benami property etc.

    A Bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul heard the submissions of Senior Advocate Gopal Sankaranarayanan and directed the plea to be dismissed as withdrawn, with the liberty to approach the Law Commission seeking recommendations on law reforms.

    During the hearing on Friday, Justice Kaul said the Court cannot issue a mandamus to Parliament. Instead of persuading the authority, the tendency is now to come to courts to direct the parliament with regard to a law. It is impossible to pass an order in this kind of petition where there is no suggestion. 

    Justice Kaul then stated, “There is a tendency to come to the Court to fulfil the gaps. That’s like coming to us and telling us to clean up the country and all? The Petitioner has done good work, but this is only a publicity interest litigation.

    It is impossible to pass orders on a petition like this. There are no suggestions. There is a process – there exists the Executive, Legislature, then then there is judicial scrutiny. Have you made a representation to the Law Commission? Go to them“, said Justice Kaul.

    India has never been ranked even among top 50 countries in Corruption Perception Index but the Centre has not strengthened laws to weed-out the menace of corruption, which brazenly offends rule of law as well as the individual’s right to live their life with liberty and dignity guaranteed under Articles 14 and 21.