The students of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala has already approached the Honorable High Court of Punjab and Haryana regarding the issue of fee. The matter is to be taken up in August by the court.

    Several students from different Centers of Legal Education has approached the Bar council of India to issue some directions regarding the fee collections. Students are seeking to pay fee in easy installments to various Institutions. It has also been requested to waive off certain components of fee, like utilization of infrastructure fee, library, other facilities etc as no such facilities are being used when there are no physical classes.

    Students as well as parents have requested alike because there are a lot of laying off taking place in certain private sectors, reduction of salaries, business have gone into losses and many other reasons of same nature have made people helpless in such tough times.

    As there is increase of requirement of technology. A lot of people have to buy good internet connections, new laptops, phones, printers etc. which is also a burden parents have to bear for the education of their children in such tough circumstances.

    Moreover, students have sited that not paying the fee will debar them from attending classes online which will ultimately result in gross mental agony, apart from loss of opportunity to have access to legal education.

    Being the regulator of Legal education in India BCI has a responsibility towards children. BCI have advised Centers of Legal Educations to be compassionate and considerate towards children regarding fee collections and not put fines for late fees for the children who are in need of help.