“Refrain holding upcoming elections in Bihar…. till the state is declared Covid 19, flood free” : Plea before the Supreme Court.

    A petition has been filed by Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal, a resident of Bihar, before the hon’ble SC to seek directions for the Election commission to desist from conducting elections in the state of Bihar till the state is free from the grasp of Covid- 19 and flood.

    The petition has been filed through Adv. Shantanu Sagar and it states that a representation had been filed to the Election Commission on July 18, requesting it to consider postponing the elections concerning the safety of the people to which no response has been received yet. However, according to Kumar, the Election Commission was convinced that a free and fair election can be held amidst the trying times.

    The plea states, “By deciding to hold elections during the pandemic, the Election Commission of India has ignored the population of states like Bihar whereby the population is above 9.9 crores and it can’t adopt targeted measures for older voters who are more vulnerable to Covid 19. Options like proxy voters under a well-established legal framework, postal voting and mobile ballot boxes cannot be explored and implemented in such a short span of time.”

    Earlier on August 11, The Chief Election Commissioner of India had made an announcement to hold the Bihar Elections as per the schedule. The plea also states that the Election Commission has completely ignored the safety of the people as holding elections will only spread the virus more.