Loan of Three Lakh rupees for Lawyers affected due to Lockdown-Supreme Court directs Solicitor General to hold meeting with BCI

    The Supreme Court asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta to hold a meeting in order to discuss the proposal of Bar Associations for centre to arrange 3 lakhs as funds for lawyers affected by the pandemic.

    Chief Justice Bobde headed the Bench asking the Bar Councils and Associations to consider raising of funds from the public for providing financial aid to junior lawyers who were affected by the pandemic.

    “There are people with people. We will also ask the Government. But the primary responsibility is of thr bar. Government is having the secondary responsibility. You channelize possible funds” said the CJI.

    The Bench also inquired about the steps taken by the Bar Councils and Associations to improve the said situation. In response, Senior Advocate PS Narasimha, who appeared on behalf of the Bar Councils submitted that the Bar have risen to the occasion but are now drained out of funds. Also, Senior Advocate Manan Kumar Mishra, BCI Chairman submitted that the Bar Councils and Associations have done everything possible regarding the situation.

    The CJI then asked the Solicitor General to hold a meeting to hold a meeting with the BCI Chairman and their counsel and arrive at a solution.