Karnataka Assembly Passes Bill Against Cow Slaughter

    Anti-Cow Slaughter Bill Passed by Karnataka Assembly

    The Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Wednesday passed the Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 2020 prohibiting slaughter of cows, buffalos, and bulls below 13 years of age.

    The Bill was moved by Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhu Chavan, which calls for a blanket ban on cattle slaughter and stringent punishment to those indulging in these activities.

    Slaughter of cattle as per the new Bill will be a cognisable offence and will attract three to seven years imprisonment and a fine that shall not be less than ₹50,000 extendable to ₹5 lakh. Subsequent offences can invite fines up to ₹10 lakh.

    The legislation empowers the police to inspect and seize vehicles that transport cattle and the premises where they are slaughtered.

    The law bans transportation of cattle within the state as well as from Karnataka to other states. The transportation is allowed only with due permission from the competent authority and against the payment of fee, if the purpose is to use cattle for agricultural or animal husbandry activities.

    The bill, however, does not mention or prohibit the consumption of beef.

    The Bill was passed today even as opposition members protested that it was not discussed ahead of its tabling in the house.