ICU beds reserved for covid-19 patients reduced to 60% in Delhi

    Delhi government on Sunday informed the Delhi high court that it has accepted the proposal of the de-escalation committee of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) and reduced the ICU beds reservation for Covid-19 patients from 80% to 60% in 33 private hospitals.

    The Delhi court on December 24, said that it would be “inhumane” to have 80% of the beds reserved only for Covid-19 patients when the positivity rate and cases for Covid-19 are reducing at a huge rate in Delhi.  

    A single-judge bench of Justice Navin Chawla said that in todays situation reserving so many beds for Covid-19 patients “cannot be sustained” and if in the future there is an increase in Covid-19 cases the reservations can be brought back.

    The Court was hearing a petition filed by Association of Healthcare Providers India challenging the order passed on September 12 by the Delhi government on the compulsory reservation of 80% ICU beds for COVID-19 patients in 33 private hospitals.

    The order by the Delhi government was stayed by the court on 22nd September.

    Justice Navin said that if more than 2,000 ICU beds were vacant in Delhi government hospitals then there is no need to reserve ICU beds in private hospitals and the private hospitals were not compensated in any manner for the economic loss suffered by them by keeping the ICU beds reserved or vacant for COVID-19 patients.

    He also said that as no patient has come forward saying that they were denied treatment for Covid-19 in these 33 hospitals.

    Due to these reasons the Delhi government has agreed to reduce the ICU bed reservation for Covid-19 patients to 60%.