Facebook sued for ‘denying opportunities to US workers’

    Facebook was accused by the United States Department of Justice or the Trump Administration for making a hiring system that gave preferences to the immigrants resulting in a discriminative treatment towards the American workers.
    It was claimed by the United States Department of Justice in the suit that a total of two thousand six hundred positions were not made available to the workers in United States of America. In short, two thousand six hundred (approx.) Americans were not hired even though they were qualified for the positions which were available. Instead of giving all of these positions to these qualified workers of America they were given to foreigners on temporary visas.
    This lawsuit was filed two days before the federal court judge of United States of America obstructed the changes made by trump in the rules which made it much tougher for the foreign skilled workers to get their visas.
    It has been stated in the suit that Facebook has emphasised more on the use of H-1B visas. This visa (i.e. H-1B visa) is basically used for hiring high skilled foreign workers in Tech Companies in United States of America.
    As H-1B visa is used with an aim of recruiting foreign skilled workers the lawsuit alleges that Facebook has introduced or formed such a system in order to recruit H-B1 visa holders as workers over the workers of United States of America.
    It was conveyed by the United States Department of Justice that they filed a law suit against Facebook after conducting an investigation relating to the hiring process and practices followed by Facebook for a period of two years.
    The United States Department of Justice filed this suit in order to get a payback along with other remedies if Facebook has denied employment to American workers.
    Eric S Dreiband, the assistant attorney general for the department’s civil rights division opined that Facebook will be held liable if they denied to provide employment opportunities to Americans by recruiting H-1B visa holders.
    If employment opportunities were provided by Facebook to Americans from January 2018 to September 2019 then the average salary that they might have got would be around one hundred fifty-six thousand dollars.
    The United States Department of Justice sought for an unspecified penalty to be made by the Facebook in case if they deliberately omitted American workers from getting recruited under them even after having the necessary qualifications.