This is the world’s first scientoon book named as “bye bye Corona” which is written by Dr. Pradeep’s Srivastav. He is former senior principal scientist at CSIR- Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow. He is also a scientoonist. Scientoon is a cartoon based on science. They inform scientific concepts in a simple manner. And this book is released at a function held at Raj Bhavan by the Governor of UP Anandi Ben.

    This book has been published by the Vigyan Prasar of DST and is making people aware of Coronavirus. As we all know, cartoons are the best way to provide information and communicate. It can be understood by both the adult and the child. It is also useful in depicting information  in the simple, subtle manner.

    This book is a 220 pages long book which contains comprehensive information about the coronavirus pandemic. It’s symptoms, prevention and the precautions to be taken.

    The book also contains a chapter which is known as the “Art of Living with coronavirus” which highlights the manner in dealing with viruses in day to day life. He talks about the perspective of living with Corona without scaring the readers.

    He said that the basic purpose of making this book is to create awareness among the people. He shared an incident that initially he drew some Scientoon and posted on Facebook. Dr. Nakul Parashar noticed and gave him the idea of making the book. Initially he worked to make a book of 50 pages but when he realized the vastness of the subject, he started seeking contributions from more people and finally the 220 pages book was ready.

    Other than him, seven students scientoonists namely Ms. Lakiesha Inacia Coehlho E Costa, Ms.Da Costa Maria Scimran Blossom, Ms. Priyanka Shanke, Ms Samaradini Paigankar, Ms.Selcea Savia Da Costa and Mr. Prathamesh P. Shetgaonkar from Parvati Bai Chowgule College, Madgaon, Goa,  also contributed to the book . Another contributor is Vishal Mulia, a school teacher in Gujarat.

    Dr Nakul Parashar, Director, Vigyan Prasar said that the, “Pictorial display of a fact or fiction has always been one of the most powerful medium of retaining the attention of a reader. In a number of graphical representations of communication that assist the reader, cartoons have always been preferred”

    Nimish Kapoor, Head, Publication Division, Vigyan Prasar said that, “Vigyan Prasar is actively publishing popular science books and Bye Bye Corona is a timely publication to understand the pandemic through cartoon characters”.

    They are also thinking about making the 3D version of the book for it’s multilingual adaption across India and abroad.  It will help in creating awareness by cutting across age, language and national boundaries.