[Breaking]- NLAT Re-Test Paper Leaked On Social Media During Exam; NLSIU Says, “It Does Not Affect The Integrity Of The Exams”.

    The National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bengaluru, had decided on September 13 to hold a re-test for the National Law Aptitude Test (NLAT) on September 14, at 12 pm for students who submitted complaints of not being able to take their tests smoothly due to network glitches.

    There was a widespread complaint regarding technical glitches during NLAT. Accordingly, messages about the re-tests were sent to those students who submitted the complaints. For students who do not appear for the re-tests, their previous marks shall be retained.

    However, today on September 15, the question paper of the NLAT Exam were making rounds on WhatsApp and Telegram groups during the exam hours. Addressing the concern of the students, the NLSIU has issued a notice stating, “The test paper was accessible to candidates only after they logged in to the platform. Thereafter, it appears that some candidates have copied the questions and circulated this on some messaging apps/emails after logging in.

    While this is a malpractice under the NLAT proctoring guidelines, it does not affect the integrity of the exam as questions were already available to all candidates after login.” They further added, “We will continue to investigate this matter with the help of our technical partners and issue further updates if necessary, we reassure candidates and their parents that we will be transparent and ensure examination integrity at all times.”

    NLSIU decided to hold their own Entrance Exam and refused to accept CLAT scores for the Academic Year 2020-2021.