Andhra Pradesh C.M. put allegations on next in-line to be Chief Justice of India

    The Andhra Chief Minister Y.Jagan Mohan Reddy puts the grave allegations against the Justice N.V. Ramana in the corruption and conspiracy against his government on behalf of the TDP leader ChandraBabu Naidu. He wrote a letter to CJI Bobde on 6 Oct and on the same day, he also met PM Modi in Delhi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

    Justice N.V. Ramana is the Supreme Court Judge who is due to become the next- Chief Justice of India (CJI). He also accused the Chief Justice and served other Judges of Andhra High Court.

    This is the First time in the history of India that a CM formally puts allegations against the sitting member of the Higher Judiciary on the basis that he has a political Nexus which leads to corruption.

    Jagan said that the Justice Ramana had used his influence with N. ChandraBabu Naidu led Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Government in the state to pass the order in favour of his daughters. Last month, the FIR was registered on the land allocation issue in Amaravati.

    The court also issued the injunction to hold the media from reporting in the issue and the report submitted by the sub- commission of Jagan Government against the various Acts and Omission of the Naidu Government was also put on hold.

    So, Andhra Pradesh Government believed that Justice Ramana plays a crucial role in the Judicial Appointment of the state and this was done to swing the decision in favour of TDP leaders. He also accused the former CM Naidu and his party associates with the charge of “huge wealth” by “illegal means”.

    Earlier, the former Judge of Honorable Supreme Court, Justice Chelmerswar in   2017 also placed this fact on record with evidence that Justice Ramana has proximity to Naidu.

    Another allegation is that Justice Ramana helped the Naidu Government by selecting 6 out of 11 panel members from the High Court bar and promoted them as Acting Judges. The Andhra High Court passed the 100 order in negative nature against the Jagan Government also.

    Justice Ramana responded as ” People worship Rama not because of success in his  life but for the gracefulness for which he conducted the most difficult moment. That is what is valued; that is the highest value in his life.”