In 2006, many children from sector 31 at Nithari villages were missing with no suspect and their families; when filling the complaint to police officers, they took no action. Within two years, around 30 children were found missing from the locality. The bungalow owner convicts 5 out of 12 patients, and the main culprit, the servant, is a psychopath who kidnapped children, rapes them, and then eats and chopped off their bodies.

    The heinous offenses became a news sensation; public outcry to get justice for the victim has made the court punished Mohinder Singh Pandher, the house owner, and Surinder Koli, the servant penalty for killing and sexually assaulting the young children.


    In 2006, the parents of young girl ages 19-20 named Payal missing, the girl told her father that she would pander bungalow for meaningful work. Later, the girl never arrives at home. The girl’s father visited Pandher bungalow for her daughter’s search, but during that time, Pandher was out of the station for some work, and the servant refused to agree that her daughter visited the bungalow.

    Later the father complaint several times at the police station, but the police are taking no action. The case took a long time due to the unsupportive nature caused by police.

    When he took no action, the deceased girl’s father approached RWA Sc Mishra for help in the backyard of Pandher bungalow. There is one municipality dump area containing contaminated water, found the decomposed hand during the search.

    Feb 2005, a 14-year-old girl, Rupa Halder, was found missing in their locality and with no attempt was taken by police to search that girl and no complaint registered in the police station.

    March 2005, boys playing near the backyard found the hand and later told the parents about the incident. The parents file the complaint. Still, nothing happens. Police convinced the parents that no need to fear. Animals do it.


    On 7 May 2006, Payal told his father that she is going to the Pandher bungalow. When Payal was found missing, his father went to pandher house, and pandher servant Koli denied knowing about Payal, and she never came to the place at that time pandher was not in town.

    Nandlal approached to police, but the police are taking no action.  Later, Nandlal, the father of the deceased girl, came to SSP in June 2006. SSP order police to register the complaint of the missing girl. During the police investigation, police traced the mobile phone of Payal that Koli sells to the rickshaw driver and later drafted the rickshaw driver with the sim card of Payal activated. With this, the police traced that Koli is responsible and hiding the truth of Payal’s murder.

    Police arrested Koli, but pandher released him with his money power.

    On 7 October 2006, the parents of deceased Payal registered the court case against pandher and Koli. With this, the session court’s magistrate ordered the police to reinvestigate the issue and discovered plastic bags containing dead skulls and ruptured body parts with missing liver and kidney, and other vital organs.

    This case turned into doubt against the doctor living near to pandher bungalow. The police arrested this doctor before selling a human organ, but there is no evidence found, and there is no link to this case.

    29 December 2006, police with evidence arrested Koli and pandher on sexual assault and murder of children. During interrogation, police doubt Koli that he might eat the organs of children. This doubt came to be clear when Koli told the police that during the daytime, he raped the children and later take them in his washroom, chopped the body into three pieces and cooked the organs, and eat them. He cleans the room and floor after eating them, but the remaining disassemble body parts inside the bags and throw it near the municipality area.

    Later the case was transferred to CBI by the pressure of people on the UP government. 2 policemen suspend for not taking action when parents outcry for justice.


    On 1 January 20007, the magistrate ordered to take pandher and Koli into custody for narco test till 10 January 2001. During macro analysis, found no sign of disorder on Pandher, and Pandher does have any information about his servant’s act or cannibalism act. He is not involved in any kidnapping or murder case. Koli was responsible for the murder and sexual assault on Payal. During the investigation, found the pandher as womanized and depressed.

    The next day, during the investigation, 15-17 Skelton were found in the near contaminated water tank. With showing photographs, 10 of them identify by Koli, and families of deceased children discovered five. As per the forensic report, the bones found were not old than two years.

    With this case, the other issue of missing children was linked and reopened, started framed the investigation and charges Koli and pandher.

    Role of committee


    The UP government formulated an internal committee to bring transparency in the case, including joint secretary women and child development ministry heading Manjula Krishnan.

    To check the efforts of Noida police for searching child.

    Check on the administration to locate the missing children.

    The mode of operation and motion of the accused committed the crime.

    The committee provides 12 lakh compensation to parents whose children became the victim of sexual assault. The dead bodies confirmed ten girls and one adult girl.

    On 17 January, the committee submitted gross negligence by not registering the case and delaying action and investigation.


    Koli, the servant in the pandher house, is a psychopath used to eat children’s organs, which is heinous and treated as rarest of the rarest nature case. Koli and pandher were not involved in selling the hospital organs, but Koli ate the organs.


    As per the narco analysis test taken on 4 January 2007, the brain mapping polygraph test on Koli and pandher, and Koli told about the procedure how he used to murder the children during day time, duration and series of murder committed by him.


    On 12 February 2009, in the Rumpa Halder murder case, both pandher and Koli were held guilty of murder in session court. On 13 February, 2009, the court declared the rarest case, and both were held liable for the death penalty.

    On 4th may 2010-  rape and murder case of Arti Prasad-7 years old, Koli held liable for 2nd death sentence.

    0n 27 September 2010-  murder and rape of Rachna all nine years old, Koli held liable for 3rd death sentence.

    22 December 2010 – murder of Deepali Sarkar 12 years old girl, Koli, was convicted for the 4th death sentence.

    15 February 2011- death sentence was granted to Koli by the Supreme court.

    24 December 2012- Choti Kavita 5 years old girl murder and sexual assault case convicted for 5th death sentence.

    29 October 2014 review petition was filed by Koli in Supreme Court to change the death penalty.

    2014- The President of India rejected the mercy petition of the accused.

    2014- Supreme court stops the execution on the ground of inordinate delay.

    10 September 2009-Mohinder pander was acquittal free, but if found guilty again, the death penalty’s conviction will serve.

    24th July 2017-death sentence to both the accused grants by CBI court of Ghaziabad.


    The case is one of the rarest cases in Indian history. The media came into action and made the audience aware of the heinous act. However, many facts alter and modified by the media. But the outcry of the public to provide justice to children, media came into action and provided insight story of the whole incident. The death sentence and no mercy to cannibal, in this case, is highly appreciated, and no such act shortly would be tolerated and would be least entitled to punishment but entitled with the death penalty for sexually assaulting and murder of innocent children.