Neeraj Grover murder case



    The case took the media highlight when Neeraj Grover, a television executive, went missing on 6th May 2008. The family members filed a complaint about his loss and suspect in female friend maria Monica Susairaj.

    Maria and her boyfriend Mathew murdered Neeraj Grover on 6th May 2008, at maria’s apartment. As per the court verdict, Mathew held guilty for culpable homicide, not amounting to murder and hiding and destroying the evidence. With this, maria had remorseful for killing the shreds of evidence of murder.


    Maria Susairaj was a south Indian actress, and she came to Bombay to become an actress in the films and television industry. Maria meat Neeraj Grover, the television executive at synergy Adlabs ( production house, manages 2-3 television audition for maria.

    Maria had a boyfriend named lieutenant Jerome Mathew, a naval officer in Kochi. With a long time relationship, maria and Jerome are going to be engaged soon after a month. During the phone call, maria talked about Neeraj. He became a good friend of her and helped her in getting an audition. She also declared to Jerome that Neeraj had a crush on Maria. To this, Jerome does not react to it.

    But the situation arises, maria rented a new apartment, and Neeraj assisted her with the setup. When speaking to her boy talking about the new apartment, Maria heard the voice of the man in the apartment. Mathew told maria not to allow Neeraj to stay at night.

    Mathew board the flight from Kochi, and in the morning, around 7:30 A.M, Mathew rang the bell of the apartment and directly entered inside the house and searched Neeraj inside the side and killed Neeraj Grover.

    On 6th may 2008, within 24 hours, a missing complaint was filed by Neeraj parents about missing their son having suspect of a female friend.

    During interrogation for ten days, maria fabricated the stories to the officer. Later, she told the truth about the incident that her boyfriend killed Neeraj Grover at her apartment with the investigation and witness.


    Neeraj Grover meets maria at Dheeraj solitaire on 6th may, 2008, to assist her in setting up the apartment.

    During her phone call with her boyfriend, her boyfriend does not allow his male friend to stay overnight in her apartment.

    At around 7:30, Mathew rang the bell, directly entered the bed, and saw Neeraj, and later both men engaged in fighting and argument, and later Mathew killed Grover.

    Mathew told maria to buy a bag and knife from the mall after killing him, and as per the media outrages, Neeraj Grover’s body chopped into pieces.

    Several knives were sent to the DNA test but not found out the primary knife after serval days in the kitchen garbage, which itself shows how careless and negligent police may be in collecting the pieces of evidence.

    Maria involves hiding shreds of evidence. She borrowed the car from her friend Kiran Shreya for one day and kept the bag inside the vehicle. The vehicle contains the blood of Neeraj Grover, as proved later through a DNA test.

    Later, maria and Mathew took two bottles of petrol at bhayander and reached the manor.

    At the manor’s outskirts, near Amgaon village, they soak the bags in petrol and set his body on fire.

    Maria kept Neeraj’s mobile, one of the friends when calling him she rejected the call, this gave the policeman clue through phone tracing about Neeraj body at outskirts.

    Later, one of the Neeraj friends calls maria on her cellphone; maria, with timidness, answered that Neeraj drops his mobile phone at her house. After few days, his friend came to maria’s home for Neeraj’s mobile phone.

    Only one wall paints different color in the entire house. The police failed to suspect why they painted only one wall in another—painted the wall after the murder of Grover to wipe out the bloodstains inside the room.

    These incidences suspected her as the prima facie piece of evidence.

    As per the interrogation, he found that Mathew told one of his friends, working as a naval officer in Mumbai, to say to the police that maria hired the car from him. But with do not agree to give such a statement because, at that time, he engaged in duty. If he lied, his argument would tell the truth. But after continuous interrogation, it found that she borrowed the car from Kiran Shreyas, not Jitesh.

    Within 13 days, Mathew calls more than 1000 times on maria’s phone. These pieces of evidence are enough to point out Mathew and Maria, the real mastermind in killing the Grover.


    In this case, there is no conspiracy involved as maria was not aware of Mathew would come so sudden, and there is no involvement of motive behind killing Grover in the mind of maria. Maria does not have any reason to kill Neeraj, and she destroys the shreds of evidence. She got imprison for a term of 3 years.

    Jerome, with the intention of agitation and lousy mood to take revenge for exploiting her girlfriend punishes for culpable homicide, not amounting to murder for ten years, and destroying evidence for three years.

    As a fine, both Jerome and maria have to pay 50,000 rupees to a deceased family member for the loss and pain they suffered.


    As per section 204 of IPC, whosoever tries to destroy the evidence such person committed the cognizable offense which shall be punishable with fine and not less than two years of punishment. For tempering with the proofs, both punishes for three years.

    Culpable homicide that do not amounting to murder offense. The intention is not present to kill that person. Still, the knowledge is current that with this act, the person’s life may be at stake of death for such offenses, the ten years fine, or life imprisonment with an exemplary award to the offender as per section 304 of IPC. Mathew punishes for rigorous imprisonment for assaulting Grover with the intensity that causes death.

    Media outrages the crime through different interpretations. Media made its own stories and telecast them on television. This media trial makes this case more complicated for judges to decide the case without any interferences. For the patients to get the fair judgment, media trial emerges as the pillar of support.


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