Operation blue star was carried out between 1-8 June 1984 to remove the militant religious leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his followers from the building of the Harmandir Sahib(Golden Temple)complex in Amritsar, Punjab. “It was not against Sikhs but terrorists”, the very exact words of Maj. General Brar before the start of a military operation on Indian soil code-named “Blue Star”.

    Facts: Operation Blue Start

    1) On 1 June 1984, after negotiations with militants failed, Indira Gandhi gave a ‘go-ahead’ to the operation. Operation Blue star was one of the most controversial actions taken by the Indian army, to evict ‘Sant Jarnail Bhindranwale’, a separatist religious leader who had occupied the ‘Harmandir saheb’ district with the help of armed militias.

    2) The operation was not planned overnight, it was a procedural step to stop the Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his fellow militants. Just after five months of the operation, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards.

    Issues: Operation Blue Star

    Beginning of the problem – Operation Blue Star:

    Khalistan Movement : It is a Sikh Nationalist Movement to create a separate country called “Khalistan”-‘The land of the pure’ in the Punjab region. Due to lack of support, the idea became dormant. -Then, after so much pressure, in 1966 a separate state for the Sikhs was formed(Half of the population were non-Sikhs).

    India’s Emergency[1975-77] – In 1975 India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a national emergency. After all this Indira Gandhi was overthrown from most of India. -Then congress was furious and plotted a way to get back in power. After so much searching they found a religious leader who can undermine the religious authority of the Akali Dal, which resulted in a curse on India.

    Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale – He was a Sikh religious leader who was discovered by Sanjay Gandhi and zail Singh. He opposes Nirankari dal and was part of deadly clashes with them. Later on, Jarnail and his militants army who conquered the Akal Takht, they were also having a deadly collection of military weapons in Harmandir Sahib. -In 1978-1983, Bhindranwale created a strong-armed militia within Golden Temple. He was known as ” Saint soldier”, as he was always surrounded by people having military weapons for his security purpose.

    Non- interference of the police official – In April 1983 -DIG AS Atwal was killed on the steps of Golden temple. After this incident, no police official interfered in happenings inside the Golden temple. -After this in October 1983, 6 Hindu bus passengers were killed. Sikhs used to stop the vehicle and killed the Hindu passengers.One after another these types of serious incidents were happening. President rule was being imposed. -Due to non- interference of police officials, Bhindranwale and his militants were transporting the deadly weapons and the golden temple.

    Prelude to operation Blue star– Bhindranwale and his fellow militant’s members gathered weapons and ammunition in Harmandir saheb. -15 December 1983 Bhindranwale along with his supporters took control of Akal Takht, which was a big major step at that time and came into the national limelight.

    •After this step, things went out of control, as Bhindranwale locked himself up in the sacred site while the Akalis were outside. Even Pakistan started getting involved so that this fight continues. The ISI was giving training to the militants. The rebels started their currency, this was the scariest time going on, which can result in Punjab getting ripped from India.

    •Indira Gandhi tried to negotiate with Akali leaders and Bhindranwale but they rejected all their proposals. Indira Gandhi was known for her bold and reckless actions. Indira Gandhi took a major decision that Bhindranwale and his followers would be smoked out of the temple dead or alive.

    •To get this plan in action, Indira Gandhi gave orders to the Indian army to prepare an operation to flush out the militants from Golden temple, that was “The operation blue star”.

    Operation Bluestar”

    Objective: To flush out militants, led by Bhindranwale conquered Akal Takht. The date of the action was chosen as June 3, 1984, unfortunately, it happened to be a holy day for the Sikhs (Martyrdom day of one of their 10 gurus), in course of this that day 1000 of Pilgrim’s visited the sacred site.

    •The pilgrims were stopped from leaving Bhindranwale’s militants. Pilgrims became the shields of terrorists.

    Operation blue star was led by Maj.Gen.Kuldeep Singh Brar. After the completion of this operation, Maj. Gen became underground and disappeared due to continuous life threats after this operation.No one knows his residence till date.

    •The militants were made of ex-army men and were well trained by the disgraced Major General Shahbeg Singh. -The Bhindranwale and his militants were no ordinary men. The opponents were having deadly weapons like rocket launchers, tank guns, machine guns.

    •The Indian army underestimated the opponents and this increased the casualties, in close more than 1000 persons died, more than 100 Indian army officials died.

    •The Army started to ask for a surrender, but the militants would not give up, without a response from the militants, the army entered the holy shrine with tanks and guns. In the 24 hours, a dangerous fight started.

    •The militant leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale died in the fight.

    •Heavy damage was done to the Akal Takht and library, even the harmandir Sahab was being little damaged by the gunshots.

    The Operation Blue Star Case
    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Aftermath of the operation blue star:

    •The operation blue star was one of the most controversial operations which violate tons of human rights. -During the operation, Sikhs literature were destroyed. The damage was being done to the Akal Takht and Harmandir sahib. -As revenge, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated 4 months later. One of the generals who were in the operation blue star was also assassinated in 1986.


    Bluestar was one of the controversial and operations resulted in political blunders. This operation was against the militants led by Bhindranwale conquered the Akal Takht and was gathering deadly weapons in the sacred place. -Bhindranwale was a saint soldier but was in full pace to fight against the government to stay in power of Akal Takht. This operation led to the death of 1000 of innocent pilgrim’s, Indian soldiers and terrorists. -Bluestar is still controversial, as it used excessive violence and this violence cost lives of many innocent pilgrim’s.

    Name: Barkha Jain


    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case

    The Operation Blue Star Case